About Us

Yes Data Tech is a Web hosting, Data service and Tech development company. The company was founded in the UK, but provide services to the global market. We offer a range of web hosting services, from domain names, website security, online storage, email services, search engine optimization, branding, logo designing, brand strategy and web design. We pride ourselves in having a dedicated 24/7 technical support team, ensuring you are never offline and thus allowing your business to continue to operate without interruption. We offer Internet products that are competitive and are affordable but do not compromise on your optimal performance.

We provide our services to both private users and small and medium sized businesses across the globe. We offer business solutions from cloud hosting, payment gateways for your e-commerce business allowing you to sell your products and collect payments securely and efficiently.We also offer a one stop shop for creating your brand identity from startup to launch. Our support team will continue to support you when needed and as the business grows.